Current Situation of Digital Security

I'm a university student trying to assess the current situation of digital security (both home users & businesses).

By taking a couple of minutes to anonymously fill in this survey (up to 24 questions), you would benefit my project greatly.

No personal or identifiable information will be collected.

All the results will be added up, analysed as a whole and released afterwards.

*For every 10 people who complete this survey, I will personally donate £1 (Up to £50) to Hackers For Charity (*

Direct link: here (survey is now closed)

I will release the results at a later date (along with project it was intended for!).

As its for a current piece of university work, I don't wish to make it public until it has been marked.

Update (2010-12-19)

Thanks to everyone who completed this! All 330 of you! =)

As promised, I donated £33.30 ($50.06) to "Hackers For Charity".

It's given me plenty to analyse and I will be releasing the results of it as soon as the piece of work has been graded.

Thanks once again.