July 2011 - Misc

As I've been hiding under a rock as of late, I thought I would check in and explain what's on my "to do" list to try and make up for the lack of posts. Hopefully, over the next few weeks:

  • I've got 15-ish videos in the works, ready to be recorded ...and on that note...
  • Not far off the 50th video. I've got something in mind for it =)
  • I'm long overdue with releasing updates for a couple of scripts (fakeAP_pwn & wiffy to name a few), as well as a few new ones.
  • I've also been bouncing a few ideas for a future project,and, as a result a couple of people are on board to give a hand for "bigger" things. When the time right, I'll ask for more help - I need to get a "framework/structure" in place first. More details at a later date!